Musical Chairs: Day Four

We had a full six chairs that went unused this time, guys. Once again, we won’t have to ask a favor of because the victim had more penalties than his opponents.

At chair 12 we had bhiggum and margaritamartini, while at 9 we had mbnovak and nibbish. One penalty for each of you.

Meanwhile, there was a three-player pileup at #15, so AMR, kg2005 and nettebarr all get two penalties. However, they all survive because we had another threesome at #3, which is the death chair this time around.

adobery, freealonzo and greekhouse, the person with the most penalties before this round waaaaaaaas…

greekhouse. Is it just me, or are the same people typically exiting early? That’s a weird anomaly. Eleven points to greek.

The other fifteen of you have until 9pm Central tomorrow night to sit in one of fourteen chairs, and I’m likely to be around then. Your music is “Only For You” by Mat Zo. Get out your glow sticks.

AMR 15
kg2005 15
nettebarr 15
daneekasghost 14
jontheelf 13
bhiggum 12
margaritamartini 12
MelissaD 10
mbnovak 9
nibbish 9
todahshy 6
adobery 3
freealonzo 3
greekhouse 3
Beau 1
eschapp 1


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