Musical Chairs: Day Three

We had four pairs and a triad today, everyone. I feel like some of you might be well served to do anything but

Anyway, these paired folks get a penalty point: MelissaD, nettebarr, margaritamartini, nibbish, adobery, eschapp, daneekasghost, todahshy.

However, the Kill Chair is #10, which had three people: greekhouse, mbnovak, uberminz. And the elimination goes to…

uberminz. He had a penalty point and the others didn’t (they now each get two), so no randomness was introduced. Eight points for uber.

Here’s the full rundown:

MelissaD 14
nettebarr 14
jontheelf 13
AMR 12
margaritamartini 11
nibbish 11
greekhouse 10
mbnovak 10
uberminz 10
adobery 9
eschapp 9
bhiggum 7
Beau 6
daneekasghost 5
todahshy 5
kg2005 4
freealonzo 2

Okay, now there will be sixteen people (for real) so there will be fifteen chairs again. This will be due tomorrow night at 9pm Central, though I may not be able to get results up for an hour or two after.

Your music of the day is Bon Jovi’s “Raise Your Hands.” I had Spaceballs on the brain, so that song jammed itself in my head.


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