Musical Chairs: Day Two

Exciting things are afoot already, CJ challengers. Let’s dive in and see what we found.

I see…that nettebarr and uberminz each attempted to sit down in seat #8. There was an exciting battle raging – uberminz slapped nettebarr square in the mouth, and she disproportionately responded by beheading him. Thus, uberminz is our first…

…oh, snap, two people also picked #6. uberminz’s head has been reattached, while eschapp and MelissaD fought for a spot as the primal scream of the lyric “rearviewmirror” hit its apex. They simultaneously stabbed the other’s heart, ending both of their games.

That is to say, this would have happened if we had not had five – five – people sit in chair #4.

daneekasghost, Dread Pirate, kg2005, margaritamartini and nibbish, we’ll see how much hates you after the jump.

The roulette wheel tells me that the person who did not find a seat is…

The Dread Pirate. Good Lord, another early exit? The stars are not aligned for ol’ Will at this time.

uber, Annette, eschapp and Melissa, you each have one penalty point now for tiebreakers. Those of you who survived the roulette wheel, you all have four penalty points.

There are now fifteen chairs. Your music today is Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.” And…go. This is due tomorrow night at 9pm Central.

Beau 16
jontheelf 13
bhiggum 12
mbnovak 11
greekhouse 10
adobery 9
nettebarr 8
uberminz 8
eschapp 6
MelissaD 6
todahshy 5
daneekasghost 4
The Dread Pirate 4
kg2005 4
margaritamartini 4
nibbish 4
freealonzo 1


15 thoughts on “Musical Chairs: Day Two

      • I was wondering if your 12 was a serious pick or not. I’d already sent my choice in before I saw it, and I figured at worst there would be the pair of us on there, so I stuck with it. Tight fit, but it worked out okay.

        • I thought maybe you thought I was joking because I wasn’t even listed as playing.
          And that is something I would do if I wasn’t playing. I’ll just have to claim #12 as soon as the challenge is posted from here on out.

    • After all that back-and-forth on the “what’s my penalty for my Saturday night non-sub”, I never realized until just now that I was never added to the list. Which must also be why I got no strategy emails.

      I think my signing up was unambiguous and I would be disappointed to miss this.

      Unless I’ve been banned. I got double-secret banned, didn’t I?

      • Hunting was cruddy (ten guys, one fawn) and the deer are sitting tight and bordering landowner asked us to stay off his property for today (he’s taking his kids out this afternoon or had planned to), so we’re just killing time for a while warming up. Got a big chunk of the internet time. Learned the house/cabin has WiFi this year. Coulda brought my office laptop!

        • Hunting has been cruddy for us too. 8 guys, one button buck. Wind is working against us and for the folks on the adjoining property. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

          • We ended up with just the fawn.
            Bonus: less cleaning deer (none for 8 of us, the youngest two each took half and butchered it themselves), and heading home didn’t have to navigate Todd County gravel roads in the dark.

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