CJ Points Pyramid: Round 3 Results


This was a very educational round. I learned an odometer can double as a speedometer, Brooks should have pursued a career in the sciences, Margaret is frequenting the wrong restaurants, and the real answer to what Melissa had in middle school was butt shoulders. Oh, and I learned from Colin I am a lazy idiot.

Most importantly I learned who is going to the finals! You can too!

I worried I may have ramped it up a little too much or that things were unbalanced, but you guys were on top of it with a lot of good clues. Some of the clues that were missed I still thought were pretty good, but were just open enough for other reasonable answers. As far as balance goes, we had a winner from each of the four categories. Without further ado…

Winner’s Bracket:
Beau (36), Margaret (34), Brooks (33), Kelly (29)

Loser’s Bracket:
Melissa (22), Annette (21), Jonathon (20), Colin (17)

Congrats! We’ll all be seeing you four in the LIVE* Winner’s Circle!

Science: Lab Coat, White Rat, Test Tube, Variable, Physics, Nucleus, Proof
Restaurant: Appetizer, Happy Hour, Entree, Aioli, Salad Fork, Gratuity, Maitre D’
Gym: Locker, Situp, Repetitions, Elliptical Machine, Aerobic Exercise, Lunge, Deltoids
Cars: Windshiled Wipers, Odometer, Axle, Armrest, Warranty, Brake Pads, Legroom

Pope’s Answer for Deltoids
“Shoulder muscles” — “a myth”

Pope’s answer for White Rat
“what do they test stuff on in a research facility, red eyes, twitchy nose” —
weak people

Looks like Annette found the suggestion box this week..

*Pending agreement from participants and scheduling logistics.


28 thoughts on “CJ Points Pyramid: Round 3 Results

  1. It seems as though I shouldn’t try to answer questions after three beers. Or maybe I should always answer questions after three beers.

  2. Aw, shit. The Hurt Locker! I’ve never seen that movie, or I might have guessed. I’ve also never seen the Tommy Boy/Callahan movie, though at first I thought it might be that thing by the Who.
    Did anyone actually guess Aioli?

    Anyway, good job everyone! This is fun.

    • As I mentioned above, yes, yes I did. I don’t know how else you could have given that clue.

      I’ve never seen The Hurt Locker either, but I’ve heard it mentioned twenty-thousand times since it won Best Picture that I figured it was a slam dunk. However, when the clue is the adjective and not the noun, that makes it harder. I bet if the word was “hurt” and I said “The ____ Locker” it would have come easier. I should have also said, “tall enclosure in a gym to put your stuff in.”

    • I guessed aioli. In fact, I got 18 points on the other three boards, which means you guys were really, really not successful with mine. COLLUSION!!!!

        • My knowledge of cars is ass on toast, and I assume none of the three of you are car people either. I knew when I got Cars I was cooked.

          Honestly, I’m thrilled with myself after looking back and finding out that I was right about what an axle is. I even explained it in a non-idiotic way.

        • I had one of those tedious people the other day who informed me that they’re a scam because companies make money on them (this is the entire reason for a business existing, dude). The best part is that the guy at the other register, two feet away, was getting a new 60″ TV the same day his died after three years because he’d gotten the protection. The protected guy even jumped in and made fun of the conspiracy theorist.

          • No, I got three! I got windshield wiper, odometer and leg room.
            But mostly I had no idea. Instead of axle I put gear shift, I put console for the thing with cup holders, I put mechanic for “good for parts and labor” – (Hey, DON’T JUDGE; I know some hot mechanics!). And I thought radio was a good guess for car components that get sold (I was thinking black market). But still, that one was really, really bad.

    • I ran into two of the seven people that didn’t see Tommy Boy when it was out? That’s funny. I knew it was a semi-risk but in that minute I couldn’t think of a better way to get them across, as the clock was ticking.

      • Yeah, after I submitted my wife looked at mine and pointed out that a maitre d is not a waiter, it’s a garcon. My ignorance helped!

          • Yeah, I thought about putting host for maitre d’, but I thought everyone would think, “I don’t know the french word for host!!!” Then I thought “waiter,” but dumped it because of garcon, and finally I decided it to go with “server,” since it seemed kind of general to me, I guess it worked for Beau and Spooky, at least. It was also my last word, and I probably would have been more creative had it come first. πŸ™‚ I was adding shit to the aioli clue right up to the end, though. I thought why oh why couldn’t it have been tartar? LOL.

  3. Giving me a science board was kind of a blessing and a curse. All those things have very specific meanings to me, but I wasn’t sure how well I was describing/hinting at them for someone who hasn’t spent the last 15 years of their life in a lab.

    Still, 17/21 ain’t bad. Good guessing, group.

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