CJ Points Pyramid: Round 2 Results


We had buzzers, tiebreakers, people squeaking by. We also nearly had perfection, but that was screwed up thanks to Bret of course.

It seems like you improved on your clue giving skills. They tended to be more verbose and specific. The scores were higher overall. Maybe the categories were easier this time. It is so hard to figure out a balance between categories, what is going to be an easy word. Always ways of thinking on clues I miss.

Winners Bracket:
Margaret 37, Kelly 34(14), Will 34(13), Gilman, 31
Brooks 41, Beau 39, Bovak 37, Bret 37

Losers Bracket:
Annette 33, Colin 31, Eric 30, Hungry 28
Jonathon 26, Melissa 25(12), Pete 25(9), Michael 24

Margaret, Kelly, Brooks and Beau move on for 5 points each. Annette, Colin, Jonathon and Melissa just move on.

Space Cadet: Orbit, Mars, Asteroid, Constellation, Black Hole, Hubble Telescope, Zero Gravity
Let’s Go Camping: Compass, Sleeping Bag, Poison Ivy, Canteen, S’mores, Trail, State Park
Halloween: Mummy, Pumpkin Patch, Fairy, Boo!, Full Moon, Candy Corn, Glow Sticks
At the Salon: Shampoo, Pedicure, Scissors, Emery Board, Nail Polish, Stylist, Highlights

Space: Satellite, Buzz Aldrin, Crater, White Dwarf, Solar Flare, Sputnik, Neptune
Halloween: Bobbing for Apples, Gore, Naughty Nurse, Smarties, Cobwebs, Cauldron, Scarecrow
Salon: Dryer Chair, Paraffin Wax, Clippers, Facial, Weave, Bangs, Buzz Cut

Success by Category: Score (winners)
Camping: 69 (2)
Halloween: 65 (2)
Space: 61 (1)
Salon: 60 (3)


  • After going all first round without any buzzers, there were 5 in this round. Nail polish and Candy Corn tripped two people up each. I didn’t even notice the Candy Corn invalid clues until after the fact.
  • I expected Trail and State Park to cause more problems. Asteroids was as difficult as I thought since there are other objects similar if not described well. Nobody reference the classic arcade game.
  • Not one person with a Halloween puzzle did theirs on Halloween.
  • When setting up the boards for the answer portion, I copy/paste clues out of a player’s email into notepad, and then clue by clue back into my pre-formatted clue email. When doing Gilman’s clue for “Mars” I pasted over all but one of the letters in the line already there. His clue almost wound up being “God of Wart”
  • Annette dangerously suggested there needed to be a “”Yep, you are really a loser” bracket for the losers of the losers bracket this round.
  • I was freaked briefly by Pope’s answer to Melissa’s invalid/buzzed clue. He answered, “invalid answer. boo”. I wondered if it was just a lucky guess or Melissa had mentioned it to him since he couldn’t get any points for it anyway. Then I realized this was the Salon puzzle, not the Halloween one where someone else had a buzzed clue for “Boo!”. Pope was simply booing that there was an invalid answer.

Favorite Clues/Answers

  • Will had a decent clue for State Parks, but I was impressed he also rattled off a couple State Parks names in his clue as well
  • ***Pure Gold *** Novak’s clue for Black Hole
    “Massive, very dark, gravity formation. Sucks everything into it. But not Pete.”
  • Brooks clue for Pumpkin Patch
    “Where Linus waits for the greatest of them all”
  • Hungry Joe’s clue for Fairy
    “little girls (and some older boys) may dress as one. they have wings and shit.”
  • To the Glow Stick clue “a tube filled with luminescent liquid” Michael’s answered “Jello shot”
  • “Sac that keeps you warm at night in a tent” Hungry Joe replied “hoth monster”. Probably meant Wampa, but still funny intentions.
  • Colin’s tie-breaker clues for At the Salon
    Facial — “Kelly Wells loves these, keep your eyes closed!”
    Bangs — “Melissa David had huge ones in Middle School”

Maybe I’ll have the next round out tonight, maybe I won’t.


39 thoughts on “CJ Points Pyramid: Round 2 Results

    • I answered “Melissa David had huge ones in high school” with “Tracts of land.” It’s a Monty Python reference, and at first, the one and only thing I could think of.

    • It is very interesting what time does to people either not applying the category to their answer or just being rushed and throwing out whatever comes to them. Of all of Melissa’s big body parts, only Spooky answered anything that had to do with a salon. I know there were other examples, but they’re not coming to me.

  1. So were my clues just that awful? From what I can tell, I only missed four of the 21 when I received clues.

    And I’m gonna have to ask for a judge’s call on bedroll/sleeping bag.

  2. I want to apologize for my full moon clue. I should have thought of werewolves with this group! “Comes once a month” was so menstrual. too. I just had to hope that “in the sky like a big pizza pie” would help.

  3. Bret–Other than “pedicure” I felt your clues were pretty good. You got a difficult category. I first said “beautician” but then I e-mailed Ryan at the buzzer to say “also hair stylist!”
    Novak–Perhaps naming an actual constellation would have helped me. Zero Gravity was hard. I think I said “No Gravity.” Duh.
    Brooks–You’re amazing.

    • Heh. I specifically figured naming a specific constellation was sure to misdirect. That’s a tough word to come up with if it’s not just right there for you, but I didn’t want to prompt errors.

      I thought “Space” and “Salon” were significantly more difficult than Halloween and Camping. Of course, the clues you and Brooks provided (and, honestly, I thought Bret’s clues were good too), helped highlight any difference that might have existed.

      • Huh. I just googled and learned that what I think of as constellations are actually asterisms.

        If you had said “The Big Dipper is an example of a _____” where else do you think people would have gone with it?

        • I figured they were more likely to think of specific other constellations and/or other names. I thought “A bunch of stars form a ____, a picture with stars” worked. In retrospect, I wish I would have swapped the two halves of that, but I definitely thought – and since most constellations are things (Orion is a hunter, Leo is a lion, the big dipper is also ursa/bear, etc.) – that people were likely to focus on the wrong thing if I went that way. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but it was a conscious choice.

          • 2 out of 3 people got your constellation. You got 18/21 on the clue giving end. One miss on constellation, two misses on zero gravity.

    • All the clues in our group were good, I thought. The only ones I put down more than one guess were “Stylist” and “State Park”.

    • Didn’t notice your followup email with Stylist. This changes your score and Bret’s. Luckily, it doesn’t change the standings.
      Brooks 41, Beau 39, Bovak 37, Bret 37

    • For the life of me I couldn’t come up w/ pedicure, so I put down nail polish just in case, then didn’t put it down a second time. Oi. That and Zero were head slappers.

      I love camping so I hope my clues were okay. Canteen was the hardest of my bunch I think.

  4. Also interesting that despite Salon accumulating the least points, 3 of 4 who had it moved on to the next round. At least you can overcome being assigned a tough category it seems.

  5. Sheesh, I got two (!) total on the tiebreaker salon questions?!

    Looks like I also wrote draft/white instead of white draft. Damn you, spoonto! You shouldn’t have scraped by me.

    • “dwarf” actually 🙂

      That in the right order without a “/”, Cobweb instead of spiderweb/web. Lots of things tiebreaker people “could” have done during or before the tiebreaker round.

  6. To anyone following this thread but not the site’s posts yet, take note that the signup for the new mega-game is up and I’m hoping to start in 2-3 days.

    It’s at the top of the front page.

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