The Spread: Final Results

Alright, Cutthroaters. I’m very proud of all of you, save for maybe one of the finalists, who powered up his main competition. Guh-wha?!

Anyway, let’s do this. Under the jump.

adobery 68
margaritamartini -7
AMR -41

Well, that’s not a very close finale, though I suspect it’s not much different from what the usual would be.

adobery was in jeopardy a long time ago, and used his wits and logic to make deals that kept getting him closer and closer to the end. It was a thing of beauty. All I ask is that you try to win, and you did it. 47 points for you.

AMR played a brilliant game, even if he was mostly looking to troll me in the end, because he’s a horrible human being. I picked AMR to win over a week ago, and he had all the pieces in place to do it, which would have gotten him the title match next month. So close! Fifty points for the ol’ pedantic bastard.

margaritamartini further proves that women can’t lose at Cutthroat Junction, and is the second straight female to win a mega-game here. She simply marched in, kicked ass and put herself in there with the contenders. There’s work to be done, but we have a challenger, everyone.

Meanwhile, MelissaD has clinched the championship match for November. AWWWW YEAH, LADIES IN DA HOUSE


[Here’s margarita’s email to some allies after the game]

You four were my officially fun and awesome bus alliance from Day 1 of the
spread (even though maybe you didn’t know about each other!). I just want
to say this game was a blast because of you. πŸ™‚

Raising my glass to Bret, the first passenger, who helped me come up with
many of the drinking game rules and gave the game its official name:
“We’ll call it the “Spread Alcohol Poisoning” Drinking game!” Bret also
kept track of his drinks and caught up on the weekend. Admirable! He may
also be a Minnesota Vikings fan, which isn’t that awesome and may have
contributed just a wee bit to my little backstabbery. [K: caring about football in any capacity is grounds for backstabbery]

Raising my glass to Melissa, second on the bus, who didn’t know about the
drinking game for awhile but was drinking a hell of a lot anyway. She
added a drink for every “Why do you suck?” comment that Kelly made, which
really helped with our poisoning. [K: I swear, I wouldn’t ask if people didn’t suck so often] I was sad to see you go, Melissa. The
first fatality on the bus can never be forgotten

Raising my glass to AMR, third on the bus, and my best-kept bus secret.
It was a pleasure to go to the end with you! Adam brought many a fine
beer to the party, elevated the conversation, played so sincerely, and did
a bunch of math in the final stretch. We also enjoyed some good laughs
about the making of mix tapes and really exploiting the moment when the
tape had to be flipped. Keeping the music in the backseat boombox fresh
and fun!

Raising my glass to Nibbish, the last person along, who brought a cheese
log and a live chicken to the party in the back seat. Nibbsy played a
decent drinking game, though he usually seemed to have a couple down
before the results even came out. I love a proactive player! Brilliant.
I was sad when you had to disembark, Pete.

Whatever happens on the SPREAD tonight, I want you guys to know that
playing this game with you ROCKED.



58 thoughts on “The Spread: Final Results

  1. If Melissa would have kept Bret around instead of I or

    Had Margaret and I played things straight Cutthroat, we could have had a 45-45-46 finish.
    With Adobery one of the 45s.

    • [Finish your thoughts, Mole Rat!]
      [Fine! I will!]

      If Melissa would have kept Bret around instead of adobery, I could have made it _very_ close at the end.

      Had Margaret and I played things straight Cutthroat, we could have had a 45-45-46 finish. With Adobery one of the 45s.

    • Hey! I was with that bus from Day 2! Even if I was just hanging onto the back bumper while you wouldn’t acknowledge me to your friends.

      but he worked so hard to help Melissa

      …yeah, about that. I lied about that. A lot. Save one day where Beau thought it would be wise to pull her back towards the middle for his protection.

  2. So glad this is over. These alliance type games are not my cup of tea. I am not good at reaching out to people early and establishing circles. I really enjoyed the last couple days when I hooked up with the final four and did some math, and the scrambling, thinking of ploys to stay alive and try to conceive of a way to win.

    But I wasn’t great at the big picture and I just can’t get into trying to form circles and balancing. Even though its a game, I don’t enjoy the lying — for the most part πŸ™‚

    I was always about a day behind. I think I put too much weight in DK, Pete, Will, KG or some combo controlling everything? I figured I was going the night KG went out. Then I teamed up with Bret/AMR/Margaret. I still thought any of them might still have ties with DK. But I should have made a move while Pete was still around and try cut out Bret or AMR. I’m thinking DK could have been more of an ally than I thought if I had explored it more. He emailed me what he was doing the last two nights, and the last one he told me he was putting in his vote 24 hours early. He seemed resigned to go out. I was still trying to convince Margaret to make a move the day DK went out to put the two of us in a better position while still getting DK out. She wouldn’t have it.

    So I ended up getting help from DKs locked in votes which actually hurt me since us four were voting to balance each other out. So I just piled on Bret and Margaret to push someone out to the edges with me, and maybe get AMR on board seeing as I put him in a better position.

    Luckily, I was able to peel Margaret off with some math and reinforcing that by taking me, she didn’t have to worry about AMR choosing between her and Bret. I also tried to set it up so that I would be 41 points behind her, so that she would go along with the plan, since I would be no threat to win, but obviously be motivated to vote against AMR with a shot at second place still. The votes didn’t go down that way, so Iwas still a possible threat I guess, though I figured AMR would probably help Margaret out rather than win or risk me moving up from 3rd place.

    I think you exaggerate how I made it as far as I did, Kelly, as I don’t think I did a whole lot besides duck for cover while two sides went at it most of the game. My only real allies in the game were Beau and Margaret, and I didn’t trust either of them! I talked with Geoff and Pete early on. I “groveled” to DK after me and Beau took huge point surges on the same day. The first two people I reached out to were Uber (bye bye), and AMR who turned down an alliance on the first day.

    Congrats Margaret! Thanks for 3rd place!

    I think me and AMR have a nemesis date next month on CJ. Does anyone else’s monitor frost over when they get an email from him?

    • I didn’t rebuff you. I told you what I was doing on Day 1.
      “The obvious move… Now Onto Valuable Actuarial Knowledge…”
      “So I’m about to put +points to Brooks and Novak”

      And then Nothing at the end of Day 2, so I reach back out 8pm and you accuse me of talking solo with Uberminz, and then accuse “my little
      a little back and fourth with strategy.

      Nothing again on Day 3 until I write at 4:30.
      “I won’t have time to scheme later, I had to get my submit in.
      Radio silence means I think you’ve moved on, but I’m not trying to hurt you guys, trying to move others towards the extremes.
      Might be a weak alliance or whatever, but we might all have done the same thing anyways.”

      [All of my alliances were weak until I solidified with Margaret and Bhiggum at the end.]

      You reply very curtly, and I feel like I’m too unimportant for you to even bother keeping up with. Or like you think I’m working against you.

      • Okay, looking back there was more communication than I remember early on and you didn’t rebuff me. Reviewing, I do remember why I moved on. I think I was thinking you were part of a big group. Uber got a ton of votes right after you said we weren’t targets. I probably attributed more of that to you and “a big group” than I should have.

        “Accuse me of talking solo with Uberminz”
        What? I responded to an email of yours that came nearly a day after the last communication between the three of us. The subject matter seemed like it was a response to something the three of us hadn’t talked about, it just sounded weird. I certainly didn’t accuse you of anything. I even mentioned it might just be a response the email from the day before which is why it felt out of place. You read too much into that I think.

        This email probably also turned me off of pursuing things with you. I already had suspicions your group was ousting Uber. Then this email came saying “hey, I haven’t communicated with you today, but I already voted, so I’ve gotten out of talking strategy with you two for today.” I read too much into that.

        and then accuse β€œmy little a little back and fourth with strategy.

        I don’t have any idea what this means.

        you reply very curtly

        When did I ever do that? If it was the Novak comment, that was just a joke. If it was the “uber must have contacted you”, that was because your email seemed out of place. I didn’t think I had a curt tone in any of my communications with you.

        I think our last communication was me saying we’d keep the door open for later. But I wasn’t really invested in the game and didn’t try to make much for contacts period, so that’s on me.

        • So you propose a group and then don’t communicate for the whole next day? What was I supposed to do? I was trying to not let it die. And I was just being honest that I had voted earlier because I had only that small window in which to get it in for sure.

          I read that “doors open for later” as a thinly veiled “smell you later”, especially given the way I felt you gave short responses only when contacted and belittled my group and playing. I figured it was sent right after you made sure that 10 others were putting full points on me.

          And now you go and apologize for some things! You’re ruining the rivalry before it begins!

          • Heh, we sure distrusted each for a lot of interpretation. I didn’t organize anything against you all game, nor could I have scrounged up more than 15 points at any given time for the most part.

          • I knew that at the end, when we were being honest, but my heart had hardened against you long before that, for the reasons outlined above and below. I was way strongly motivated to not see you get any further than you had to.

      • I gotta read these things before I post, make sure I finish my thoughts.

        Para 2 should read:
        And I hear nothing from you or Uber on Day 2, so I reach out at 8pm and you accuse me of talking solo with Uberminz, and then say β€œIf you guys went after Matt yesterday, you need to go back to the drawing board”. Wasn’t sure if you were taunting there or calling me a liar or just a calling me a loser with a stupid group.

        • Maybe there was a little “liar” calling there. I don’t remember how much I was distrusting you at that point.

          Let’s just say we got off on the wrong foot big time. Then two years after werewolf, again in this game πŸ™‚

    • At one point, I was pretty convinced you were DanKuatz (Fake DK), so I imagined you as one of the “bad guys”, and I never shook that feeling.

      I was ticked that I had to bring you into the final four, but that’s how the math worked out. If I could have had my way, it would have been Will and Pete in the final five.

      I wanted to turn against you harder when we voted out DK, so that you couldn’t get into the final 3. But Margaret and Bret wanted to play fair with you, so I went with that. To your credit, you had played straight the day before, earning our esteem.

      I felt that rather than lie to you that I was going to bring you to the final pairing or whatever so that I could know and offset your votes, and force you out fourth, I’d be honest and tell you why you were unlikely to get anyone to flip. If I hadn’t explained anything, would you have believed me if I’d said, “I’ve got them bamboozled. Let’s win this!”? Would you have preferred that considering I would have used that to eliminate you? I would have.

      • I have no preference to what anyone does. If you want to lie to me, tell me the truth, it doesn’t matter. If you would have lied your ass off and convinced me there was something there that wasn’t…you may have eliminated me fourth by getting me to pair up with you and offset whatever I did.

        It worked out for me that you told me the truth because I tried again with Margaret.

    • Oh, and once Will was cut, Bret, Margaret and I had the numbers. You and Pete and DK could have known exactly what we were doing, but Pete would have gone home that night anyways.

      Had you turned against us there, I would have never included you in the email with the spreads to remove DK and tie us all up. So you made the better move.

  3. Thoughts not related to stoking a rivalry:

    1. After Kelly said that deliberate ties were no good, I eventually decided that I was going to pick Margaret over Bret. Her keeping our connection a secret made things work out and her attitude made this a lot of fun. I got really ticked off when I realized I’d been communicating with a fake DK for a while, and might’ve quit there but for her having made it fun up to that point.

    2. Did you see me submitting? Kelly, did you see me submitting? That’s called submitting, what I was doing. Dean, did you see what I was doing? Submitting. Hallo, Novak! I say, Novak! What do you think I was doing! Submitting! Dread Pirate Will, did you see me–

    3. Whoever did those Kuatz emails, you’re worse than Adobery.

    4. Again! Again Again!

    5. [There was going to be a #5. I forgot it.]

  4. I had a lot of fun here. Lots of good times. I knew that I didn’t have a prayer of winning, but that was oddly motivating in its own way.

    What’s really fun is hearing about how everyone (even the people who ended up winning the damned thing) had such skewed thoughts on who was working with whom, and who was really in control. Loved it.

    Also, when Ryan said “What are you talking about? I haven’t gotten anything from you or Geoff” and realized that I was talking to some nebulous malevolent force, I just about freaked out. That was a hell of a thing. (Then came Kuatz, but by then, I was struck by the tone of the second email and realized what was going on).

    • In all seriousness, whoever was creating the fake accounts, it’s time to come clean. I want to decide whether this was in the spirit of the game or not.

      • Yeah, I don’t know. When I first saw it, I was irritated, but mostly because I’d been fooled. When I saw ‘Kuatz’, I just rolled my eyes and moved along.

        It seems to me like the type of thing that shouldn’t be allowed in the future, but there wasn’t really anything against it here, and, while shady as hell, it ended up gaining me an ally in Ryan.

        • I won’t allow it in the future, but if it was someone still alive in the game, I won’t be annoyed.

          However, I suspect it was someone who was already eliminated. If this is the case, THEN I’ll be annoyed.

          If it was someone already gone, I have my suspicions. If it was someone still in there, I do too. There will be no bans here. I just HAVE to satisfy this curiosity.

          • Yes! Come clean, emailer, come clean! I totally fell for it the first time, when it was “Abodery”, or whatever ingenius misspelling was there. I feel like I would’ve caught Kuatz because that’s much farther off from the original, but Adobery is so easy to scramble, even in a non-dyselxic head.

          • The email address was dan.kuatz, but the sender name was Dan Kautz, so that’s how it showed up in my gmail, same as DK.
            And real DK doesn’t have a gmail avatar, so it was the same icon and everything.

            After Nibbish and DK flipped to oust Beau over me, the next day I get an email direct from [fake] DK, and I’m intrigued because this is my first one-on-one interaction with DK in the game. Maybe he wants me as a close partner. He did just save me. Am I important to him? Does he want me to help remove Nibbish?

            If I don’t respond, I’m blowing him off and fracturing the new group that I saw as my way to the end.

            So I spent way too much time polishing my responses between email to [fake] DK and email to the group with [real] DK in it, so there isn’t any disconnect, but I wanted to sound open to working with him, but not to come out and say it and also to not come across as doubting him. Then [fake] DK responds with something that picks holes in what I said, so I feel I gotta patch them, lest he target for Bhiggum (I was trying to sell bhiggum as someone to keep around to bring in for a split of the DK-Nibbish group, if DK wanted that, but I was afraid I over-sold and he realized that a DK-AMR-Bhiggum alliance would cut DK just as fast as we could.)

            Then I heard the dreaded, “What are you doing? We’ve got to go!” from my wife which is the sign that I’ve been mis-prioritizing in my real life. She was taking me out for my birthday.

            Then I wanted to put points against DK on Sunday night, but refrained from it because he might be looking for me to help him out.

            When I found out I’d wasted all that time on massaging a connection with a fraud, and made my birthday date late and a bit strained, I was so pissed off. I was ready to quit the whole thing.

            Having not really worked with DK, I couldn’t tell that the tone was off. Maybe I should have but I really don’t want to play a game where I have to sense “Is the person talking to me actually that person?”

            So put me down as strongly against this type of thing. This and many other Spookygames are games of lies and backstabbing and partnerships and who can you trust? This isn’t a game of computer spies. I do not want to spend my time analyzing all of my incoming communications for veracity or spoof links. Why not pose as my wife and show interest in the game and want to know what’s up? Or report my gmail as a stolen account so it’s locked out? If that’s the way the games go, I’ll be wasting my entertainment / internet socialization time elsewhere.

            The whole thing left a real bad taste in my mouth that lingered for more than a day (I wanted to wreck Kelly’s game because of it!)

            (Never got anything from Adodery, btw.)

          • I should read more carefully. There I go pleading why it should be verboten after Kelly already said “I won’t allow it in the future”.

  5. I’m going to laugh at myself if I was communicating with a fake DK and never realized it. Some people apparently have way too much time on their hands and care way too much about winning these silly games. There’s only a small number of people who play here, so the value of winning one month can’t possibly be worth pissing the rest of us off.

      • I’m consistently overestimated around these parts.

        A few amusing thoughts about a very fun game:

        My initial alliance was hilariously incompetent. I knew immediately DK and/or nibs was selling us out as Novak, me, and Jump (who targets a noob with no points? ) immediately were in trouble. Hilarious that Novak lobbied us to help Margaret.

        I was amazed I was allowed to skate by in huge danger due awhile. Big thanks to beau.

          • Absolutely. We both had no chance of winning, but we snagged a few extra points apiece.

            When you were offed, I turned to adobery and assumed dk and nibs were in on it. Adobe ry, care to clarify if I was incredibly stupid in trying to figure out who acted?

        • Actually, while I certainly had a plethora of different allies throughout the game, I only gave an ally negative point in one round (I rounded DK, AMR and Margaret (ha!) together to flip on Beau. Other than that, I certainly didn’t give any of you guys any bad points.

  6. Ok. Time to come clean. I was the faker.

    First off, you can void my 3rd place finish and points, and move everyone up if you like. I totally understand I was pushing the edges in the extreme. Second, I apologize to everyone. I figured everyone lies in these games, and this was just another kind of lie, but I totally get AMRs points with the technology bits and having to wonder who you are talking to on top of everything else.
    Just so you know Kelly, I did not email anyone who was not still in the game, I did not email as anyone who was not still in the game, nor would I have continued after I had been eliminated.

    When I decided to do this initially, it was just to have fun. I didn’t think I would last long in the game, nor did I think it would be that successful. I really thought the fake emails would be found out based on weirdness, especially if people were already talking to the real person. It is very hard write an email vague enough as to not raise alarm bells, yet be purposeful, when you have no idea if someone has already had a conversation with someone.

    I started off the second day with the adodery@gmail account. I wanted to send it to several people, knowing soon someone would write the actual me and I could be like “WTF”, then it would get around that it was a fake pretty fast.

    I emailed Beau and asked if we would be working together. I also emailed Dean. Then I emailed Geoff, who cc’ed me in his alliance with Pete right away — which is funny because…

    I had already written Bret as petebruzeck@hotmail. I carried on convos with Bret for a week. I emailed Novak as “Pete” but he never responded. I emailed Will once as Pete asking what he thought for the day and he told me.

    On the third day I emailed Margaret, Melissa, Todashy and Pope as adodery@gmail to offer help since they were toward the edges and expressed concern with Bret/AMR being in control of this game. They all agreed to help each other out and throw some votes on Bret.

    By that afternoon, Geoff and Pete had decided with me to reach out to people on the edge. I said I would reach out to people on the bottom (never did). Geoff and Pete decided to blind copy me on their reach out emails. Geoff hasn’t ever had contact with the real me, so he used the adodery account. Pete used my real address, so I got to do the “WTF” as I was hoping, then everyone would be wise to the adodery account. Pete said he found it hilarious, so I felt OK with continuing I guess.

    Margaret must have told Melissa, because they stopped responding to the group email. Nobody told Todashy apparently, because I kept getting his voting plan every day until he was eliminated.

    For the next week, I just emailed Bret once a day as “Pete” and worked in that adobery wanted to help out and asked for Bret’s opinion on what “Pete” should tell adobery. Bret was mostly saying to put points on me and I kept trying to push the alliance thing. I couldn’t be too forceful though. I had “Pete” throw in stuff about using me as well. With doing Pete it wasn’t too hard to be vague as that’s how he comes across normally in Survivor games to me. “What do you think?” was all I had to say.

    What I really want to know is how Pope voted on the day he was eliminated. I heard from Beau I think that Melissa and Pope were likely working together. That morning I emailed Pope as mldavib05@gmail and asked what he thought for that day. He told me he was going to vote against Beau and Adobery. I told him to wait because I was trying to work a deal with Beau. I waited a half hour and told him that if he and I helped out Beau and Adobery, they would protect us. He agreed it was a good idea and would vote accordingly.

    I knew if Melissa talked to him after that, Pope would know something was up. And given who “Melissa” asked to help, she would know it was either me or Beau sending the email. So “Melissa” emailed him after that and told him that any future emails that day would also be blind copying someone else “Melissa” was trying to convince to work with them…so Pope should just act like they were real conversations. To which Pope replied “OK, cool. Wacky skullduggery!”. I was hoping Melissa would be eliminated so it wouldn’t come up, but Pope got eliminated instead.

    The last one was the dankuatz@gmail. When Beau got eliminated I wasn’t totally surprised as some subgroup had to turn in our group of six eventually, and Beau suggested the group originally and you don’t want the two brothers to stick around forever. I figured I was next. So I decided to email EVERYBODY left in the game as “Dan” with an email that was specifically about the coup. I wanted to see if I could figure out who the subgroup was. If you were part of the coup it would seem natural. If you weren’t you would wonder why the heck DK was emailing you about that and know something was up. You probably wouldn’t respond.

    It was funniest dang thing because EVERY SINGLE PERSON left in the game responded, and they responded as if they were in on it. I couldn’t believe it. I was resigned to leave then. I figured DK had his mitts on everyone in small subgroups that didn’t know about each other. DK had told me that day that he was only working with KG and that made me laugh my ass off given all the email responses I got that morning.

    So I am sorry if this ruined the game, it wasn’t my intention. I didn’t do this cause I was crazed to win the game and I certainly didn’t want to get everyone pissed at me. I can be a prankster, but certainly more than once in my life I have taken a prank too far. Dock me the points if you want.

    • Earlier on, I said to Pete “If it’s someone who was still in the game, I guarantee it was Ryan.” So, yay! I was becoming increasingly convinced that it was someone outside the game, though, and THAT would have been very worrisome. I may have taken action there, but you pushed the boundaries (something I’ve never forced players to shy away from) of legality, and now I’ll close the exploit. I have no reason to dock you points.

      • …and hey, if anything, this adds fuel to the AMR-adobery grudge match.

        I have to ask, though: when I emailed dan.kuatz asking who was doing this, why didn’t you answer me?

    • Unexpected!

      Also hilarious, because the first person I thought it might be after Geoff was, in fact, you. I immediately put that thought aside though, because you played it off pretty damned well.

    • I don’t recall claiming to be in on the Beau elimination. I remember just trying to be very coy because I was certain DK had set Beau (and me several times) up for ouster, so I didn’t really see any incentive to share anything with him at that point.

      I never once noticed any of these emails coming from the wrong person, so well done!

    • One minor correction, at no time did I ever believe the “” email, or agree to work against Bret. I was pretty sure Bret was not working with AMR, because I was talking with Bret from day 1. I believe (without going back to consult my email record) that only once did I allocate points to Bret, and only then to push him back toward 0. The only response I recall giving to the fake adobery was to point out that I had not received the original email, because my spam filter caught it.

      As for the fake email from Melissa, I have to give you a hearty pat on the back. Until this moment I did not realize I had been duped. Later I will look up my last vote and let you know what I actually did. I can console myself because I knew I was on the edge, and I was too busy that day to attempt to save myself. Even with the alliances I had made I knew that if the rest of the players were intent on pushing me out, they wouldn’t have to work hard to do it.

      Also, you and I are enemies forever.*

      *Not really. But thanks to the weird religion that Melissa grew up in, I think the three of us are now legally married in Utah. I’m the husband. One of you better have dinner on the table by 6.

    • Heh, I never noticed that I got an email from Fake Dan, just assumed I never did even when he asked me if it was me that was doing it. Funny that all I had to offer you was that I had no idea what was going on.

  7. In all honesty, I lost a lot of my drive to continue when my inaction led to my one real ally (KG) being in dire trouble. I wish I had ratted out nibbish right away when he dragged me along to flip on Beau, but my latent loyalty to nibbish kept me from doing anything.

    Then I lost a lot of the rest of my drive when Ryan let me know that someone was pretending to be me. After that I pretty much just wanted to help Ryan last as long as he could, since I thought he was mostly a stand-up guy based on his history in these games and for giving me the heads-up. So…well done, Ryan.

  8. I would have bet money on Ryan being behind the fake e-mails. It seemed like your style.

    That said, I still fell for it every time, unless someone pointed it out to me. I can’t believe I talked to a fake-nibbish for a week+ without ever becoming suspicious.

    And Pope is right, I wasn’t working with AMR until after Melissa was eliminated and I figured out the alliance I was counting on was pretty darn flimsy.

    • During the middle of the game when I had a bunch of points I was part of two different alliances. I even forward you information about Beau’s alliance. Everyone was promising me helping points, but that help never came. I didn’t know who to trust, so I just gave bad points to everyone except you and DK. Then when it became clear that you weren’t helping us out anymore I started giving points to you.

      • I was sure you and DK had turned on me, Melissa and Jon to focus on a different alliance, so I bailed and teamed up with Margaret, AMR and Ryan.

        I still have no idea what was happening in the middle part of the game- I understood the beginning, where we were eliminating some of the players with higher CJ point totals, and I understood the end, when AMR knew pretty much all the possible outcomes with 6-7 players left, but the middle, where Will, adobery and Beau were the high totals and just kept avoiding elimination really made me think there was a different alliance you guys were in and that I was likely next.

        • I still have no idea what was happening in the middle part of the game

          I gathered together Will, KG, DK, Ryan, and Nibbish. They did pretty much exactly as I asked for four days as we eliminated Jump, Free, Pope, and Melissa. Also, I lied to Melissa a lot.

    • You weren’t working with me, but you weren’t working against me, either, were you? I mean, you left me alone even if you negated some of my points.

      • I gave you points a couple times early on, but I never schemed against you (I don’t think I did, my memory on these kind of things is pitiful). And of course, once we teamed up, I pretty much just did what the numbers dictated.

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