Cutthroat Championship Press Conference

Now stepping up to the podium is the reigning Cutthroat Junction Champion, Beau. 

Beau: What does a fastener frog say? … Rivet! Rivet! And if you thought that joke was bad, just wait until you see my opponent!

Reporter Ghost: Congratulations on your standing. How does one find a way to finish in first?

Beau: Intelligence, charm, and reach-arounds. Next question.

Reporter Wells: What game do you want to challenge your opponent to?

Beau: One that I’ll win, which is all of them. Shy Toad should just give up now, really.

Reporter Novak: What will you do if you win?

Beau: I’ll continue taking bribes for whomever wants to challenge me next. But really, I’m looking forward to facing MelissaD. It’s been a long time since I’ve beaten someone who is kind of female.

Reporter Martini: Hey, that’s offensive!

Beau: Oh, don’t worry Mags. You all female. Okay, thanks everyone. Toe Dash is waiting and I need to go prepare my victory speech.


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