$20,000 Pyramid

Hey all!

I’m taking signups to play $20,000 Pyramid, a game I ran in Power Puzzlers. The time commitment is somewhere between 5-15 minutes depending on how far you advance.

Ideally I’d be looking for 12 participants, but I can make it work with any even number 8 and up. Players would be divided into groups. Each player would get a board with seven words that belong to a theme that they would have to provide clues for. Then you attempt to solve the boards the other players in your group provided clues for. You receive points for every correct answer you guess and for every word of yours that is guessed by others.

There will be one or two winners from each group that move on to the next round with a total of probably three rounds. The two finalists go head to head with a board much like the final round of Pyramid.

You will receive 5 CJ points just for playing, and an additional 5 points for each round you advance. The game will start sometime this week assuming there’s an interest.

12 Players so far:

Dread Pirate
Hungry Joe

Time management challenged:


24 thoughts on “$20,000 Pyramid

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    • Heh. Received an email wanting to know if your post before this was spam, and since the username was tied to a website of the same name, I thought it probably was. Just googled now and saw you on the WGOM. Sorry!

  2. I have enough to start the game, but I’ll certainly take more players. 5 free CJs just for showing up! Just think of it. You could experience what it was like to be DG in The Spread, only without the overwhelming indignation.

    I will probably start the game tomorrow.

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