The Spread: Day Nine Results

Ooh, fun! Things took another step forward in the “interesting” department.

jontheelf 53
Beau 34
kg2005 24
AMR 20
margaritamartini 8
bhiggum 4
DK -14
adobery -27
nibbish -30
MelissaD -41
Dread Pirate -42

If you’re not Jonny Jonny Popester, you’ve made the top ten. It recently looked like a few players were slaughtering this thing, but it’s wide open again. jontheelf gets 23 points and the rest of you have another date with 9pm Central.


8 thoughts on “The Spread: Day Nine Results

  1. (Response 1)

    Aw, geez guys. Out of the spread, can’t get adobery’s in and out challenge. Shucks.

    (Hangs head, kicks pebble, Charlie Brown Christmas music plays)

  2. (Response 2)

    Whooo! 23 points bitches! Lucky number!! So long, suckers!

    (Runs off, fist in the air, pelvic thrusting all the way)

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