The Spread: Day Four Results

It was kind of fun to get home and do these all at once. So much action! I’ve actually asked for a few emails bcc’d to me in the last day, and have not been disappointed. If you do anything interesting, you know I’m interested to see it.

Geoff 72
mbnovak 56
Jump 29
jontheelf 25
Beau 23
kg2005 14
bhiggum 3
margaritamartini 3
nibbish -2
DK -8
freealonzo -9
adobery -14
MelissaD -23
Dread Pirate -30
todahshy -44

Geoff, after a pretty monstrous gain this round, is eliminated. Why won’t you guys just give him a chance? With that winning smile and those calming arguments, you know he’s on your side.

Anyway, Geoff gets eight points and the rest of you live to see another day. Tomorrow we’ll go back to 9pm Central.


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