The Spread: Day Three Results

I’m going to make an amendment to the rules (take a drink, buttholes!). Rather than mod-kill a nonsub in this marathon of a game, I’m merely going to give or take away 20 points from that person – whichever hurts them most. That was AMR’s idea. Thanks, homeslice!

Also, yesterday, a player did just 18 points, and today a player did 15 (because he attempted to affect someone who’s already dead). If this happens from this point forward, I’ll hurt the player in question (again, in the direction that is appropriate) to the tune of the points they missed. If a player goes over, their move will be invalid, and I will email them for a correction or else they’ll be a “nonsub” and will lose the 20 points.

Anyway, it was another fun day. They’re all going to be fun, but yeah, this was fun. Who got eliminated, earning seven CJ points?

mbnovak 44
Geoff 39
jontheelf 22
Jump 16
AMR 13
kg2005 6
Beau 5
bhiggum 3
margaritamartini 3
nibbish -2
adobery -7
freealonzo -7
DK -8
Dread Pirate -13
MelissaD -31
todahshy -47
uberminz -52

uberminz wasn’t quite able to skate by this time, though he got close. Those on the perimeter have continued to die so far, but this was a nailbiter.

We’ll go with 10pm Central tomorrow night because I work until a half hour before that. Happy spreading.


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