New Cutthroat Junction Champion; Sign up for The Spread

Beau is your new site champion, after beating kg on a tiebreaker in the MLB picks challenge yesterday. I’m the kind of guy who prefers long title reigns, but if all the matches are that close, I’ll be happy.

Next month’s championship match is Beau vs. todahshy.

Sign up here if you want to play The Spread. Many of you have said you’ll play pretty much everything, and I’ll try to remember who you are.

Grave Robbers is having trouble getting a night together. We’ll attempt something this week, even though September is ending.

And, finally, if you want to do another one-on-one like I opened up last month, have both players agree to one in the comments.

I always do the Spread a little differently. This time, it’ll run this way: On each turn, you have twenty points to either give or take away (it can be a combination) from other players. You can’t touch your own score. However, you can only give or take away a maximum of five to or from any given person. At the end of the round, the person farthest from zero will be eliminated. If there are ties, the person closest to zero will eliminate one of the people tied (if that, too, is a tie, random draw will be introduced).

Once there are seven people left, you can do up to ten points to everyone. And at four, it goes to the maximum.

As for Cutthroat Junction contender points, the winner will get 100, the second-place person will get 50, and the rest of the field will be evenly spaced on the way to 50 (I’ll finalize when I have everyone signed up).

Players so far:

Dread Pirate

Everyone Pick on Novak Match
adobery vs. mbnovak


25 thoughts on “New Cutthroat Junction Champion; Sign up for The Spread

  1. I’ll play the spread.

    Also, now that I’ve revealed Brooks to be a total heel (rooting against the Twins? My goodness.), I’m not sure we really have anyone else who needs to be taken down a notch, but I’m game for doing so.

  2. Well, since my Survivor obligations are now over, I suppose I’ll get in on whatever this site is all about. Put me in, Coach Wade.

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