Bi-Curiosities: Puzzle 2 solution; Puzzle 3 introduction

Hi, folks. The getting-to-know-you phase has certainly begun in earnest, as lots of effort from many players led to just a few correct responses to the Bingo Card puzzle. My style of puzzle seemed to baffle a few folks, and they really didn’t know where to start. That’s totally understandable. To make it easier to get to the solution, I’ll give you a light walk-through.

First, some bookkeeping. I like making puzzles that are difficult, but I don’t want them to be evasive. I’d rather people solved them than not. To that end, I’m changing the points rules a little: From now on, incorrect guesses will NOT cost a point. There WILL be a limit on the number of guesses, but it’ll be generous, and it’ll be free. This should make you feel comfortable taking educated guesses, and that’ll help me see where you’re at in the solving process. Everybody wins (except for those who never get it right anyway).

Now, onto the solution…

SOLUTION: Folic Acid

EXPLANATION: If you look over the Bingo card, you’ll notice that there’s really only one move that guarantees a bingo on the next turn (“you play to win the game”). That move is B9. As you may know, B9 sounds like “benign,” which was a dead end many people took. But “homophones are not helpful here.” B9, like other numbers and letters, can have more than one interpretation (like an “IV” means the number 4, and/or Intravenous). One such meaning is Vitamin B9 (part of the B-vitamin “complex,” which is a part of even Flintstones Chewables). Aaaand, the scientific name for Vitamin B9 is FOLIC ACID.

So, that’s how that goes. And hopefully it’ll help you as you figure out future puzzles….like the one in this post! Yep, Puzzle 3 is rip-roarin’ ready to go, and you can see it below. This time, it’s a lot more like a treasure hunt, with a bunch of Internet surfing, logical leaps, and intuitive inspirations to help you find your way. So if you’ve always wanted to be Nicholas Cage, welcome to your own miniature version of National Treasure.

Remember: guesses are free, clues cost one potential point each. Send all such communications to with either CLUE or SOLUTION in the subject line. You’ve got two weeks, folks…good luck!


puzzle3 copy

EDIT: I originally uploaded an older version of the puzzle image. What you see here now is the correct image. 


13 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities: Puzzle 2 solution; Puzzle 3 introduction

  1. Also, folks, I’m going to put up greekhouse’s next thing on Wednesday morning. I’ve had it for over two weeks, but the Kickstarter has consumed my being. I didn’t want things concurrent, but it’s been a flood here.

  2. OK, I wouldn’t have gone there.
    I was looking into B 9 = BIX (even before the clue, but now I see that your use of Roman Numerals reinforced my way of going.).
    BIX is the airport code for Biloxi, MS.
    B9 Miss = Biloxi, Mississippi.
    But I never guessed it, because it felt a stretch.

  3. Hey hey peoples. Daneekasghost/Brooks has the distinction of being the first person to solve Curiosity 3! He did so with three clues and two incorrect guesses (one of which was an admitted throw-away). So he nets himself SEVENTEEN POINTS. Well done, sir!

  4. And we got another solver! Ryan Sorrell managed to get to the solution with the help of only ONE hint! Fantastic! So Ryan is awarded NINETEEN POINTS and a pat on the back. Atta boy, say we all. Atta. Boy.

    • Sometime on Monday, the puzzle solution and new puzzle will be posted. Any time before then, hints and guesses can be sent in. So basically, you’ve got till sometime (late afternoon, basically) on Monday.

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