Bi-Curiosities Puzzle 2: Five Day Warning

Hey folks. Today marks just five days left to get points for solving Puzzle 2. Let’s assess where we are right now:

  • Two competitors have solved the puzzle thus far. Brooks earned six points, Novak earned three.
  • A total of 25 clues have been given out among 10 players
  • Nine incorrect guesses have been proffered.
  • I’m still incredibly attractive

So from this, we can learn that this puzzle was…tougher than I imagined it’d be. Which is a shame, because some of the puzzles coming up, ones I’m pretty proud of, seem tougher to me than this one. Part of it may be that these are unusual puzzles that you haven’t figured out the best way to approach yet. When this puzzle ends, I’ll go through the solution so folks can see where the clues were leading.

When it comes to puzzles like these, I expect people to need some time and help getting things solved. I would much rather have people solve these than get frustrated and rage-quit. I want the hints I give out to be the best bit of info a solver needs at the moment she asks for it. Of course, if you’re too worried about making incorrect guesses, it’s tougher for me to figure out which nudge to give you. In order to make folks less guess-shy, starting with the next puzzle, there won’t be a penalty for an incorrect guess. I will be enforcing a limit on guesses, but that limit will be generous. (Clues will still cost you a point, but hopefully you’ll be more willing to spend a point in this case.)

If you guys have questions or thoughts about the puzzle, the scoring, the clues…whatever. Feel free to put them down in the comments. Meantime, keep plugging away, and stay in touch.


16 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities Puzzle 2: Five Day Warning

  1. I thought the clues were helpful (as I’ve said before, one should have been enough, but I was stubbornly going down the wrong path).

    I don’t mind the penalty for incorrect guesses, but I can see how eliminating it would help in giving directed clues.

    I didn’t think this one was unreasonably hard (in particular once clues were received). The difficulty came from the fact that there were multiple possible interpretations of the key information (this has been reinforced by hearing about Novak’s train of thought which went a totally different direction from my own). I would say that unfamiliarity with Gilman’s puzzle style was a significant factor for me in trying to figure out how to interpret and apply the information I had. I expect that will get better as we do more of these.

    This is all based on my own perception, of course, and is not meant to be a comment on how easy/difficult it would/should be for someone else to solve the puzzle.

    I can’t confirm the attractiveness of Gilman, but I’m willing to bet he’s telling the truth.

    • I’ll second Brooks’ assessment here. I think it was just unfamiliarity with your puzzle style. One of my guesses wasn’t 2 words because I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by “words” and whether that eliminated a possibility for me or not, and on the path I was on, it seemed to be a reasonable guess. Now I know you’re using “word” more specifically, and I wouldn’t make that guess in the future. That’s just getting exposure to your style, but it’s needed.

  2. Everything’s coming up Sorrell. Ryan has come up with the correct solution after two hints ONE hint and three incorrect guesses. So he earns hisself FIVE SIX POINTS, woot. Well done Ryan.

  3. And with less than an hour to midnight CST, Erik Dikken lives up to his name (what?) and correctly answers the puzzle. He earns himself FOUR POINTS out of a possible ten, just at the final gun, which is kind of like getting a reprieve from the Governor at midnight, only to find your sentence commuted to crawling through a five-mile long spanking machine.

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