Bi-Curiosities: Puzzle 2

Happy Labor Day folks. Time to belabor a new puzzle.

First, well done folks on Puzzle 1 from last week. Most of you had one little misstep in your solutions; a detail that each of the ladies were the first wives of the four Beatles, not the first significant loves. Everyone who tried to answer wound up getting it eventually. I think it made for a nice dry run. But from here on out, my job is to befuddle and anger you. Through puzzles.

One thing to note: As the point values go up, the number of available hints might not. I’ll be setting a limit on the number of clues you’ll be able to request on a given puzzle. Because let’s face it, after a certain point clues become hand-holding, and I’d rather you guys tried to earn the points through solving.

Remember, guesses and clue requests should be sent to, and put either SOLUTION or CLUE in the subject line. The last day to submit a solution is 9/15. So, let’s have at it. Puzzle after the jump…




19 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities: Puzzle 2

  1. So yeah, Brooks has become the first person to SOLVE PUZZLE #2!

    …it took him three clues and one incorrect guess, though, so it’s not all cheddar cheese and Nutter Butters. Ol’ Brooksy has earned himself SIX POINTS for his efforts. Well done sir.

    Remember, this puzzle is active through Sunday the 15th, so there’s plenty of time to curse my name and burn me in effigy. No points will be given for these activities. But keep at the puzzle anyway, kiddoes!

  2. Let’s see… I gained 5 points on Brooks because he was rooting against the Twins (seriously, can you believe that guy?) and he gained 3 on me here, and we somehow tied on Bullseye.

    I’m plus 2!

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