New Points-Earning Game at Cutthroat Junction: Bi-Curiosities!

Hey there fellows. Welcome to the first installment of a new puzzle-thing that’ll give folks a chance to boost their point totals. It’s bi-weekly, it’s a curiosity…it’s BI-CURIOSITIES!

Every other Monday, you’ll find a new puzzle here on the Junction. These puzzles will be…abstract. Sort of what Greekhouse’s Challenge featured, but a lot more dedicated to intuitive leaps of logic and lateral thinking. You’ll need Google. You’ll need guesses. You might need hints. And those are all permitted with these puzzles.

In addition to the puzzle itself, you’ll find two bits of info: the number of points that puzzle is worth, and the number of words (or letters, or numbers, or whatever) in a correct response.

Point values will change from puzzle to puzzle based on my sense of its difficulty. During the time that the puzzle is active, you may offer a solution by emailing me. Or you may email me for a clue. But here’s the thing: INCORRECT GUESSES AND CLUES EACH COST ONE POINT FROM THE POSSIBLE REWARD FOR A CORRECT ANSWER. Ask for two clues and make one incorrect guess, and that ten point puzzle can only earn you seven points. I’ll keep track of things in a handy spreadsheet, just like a real grownup Spookymilk does.

In order to ask for a clue or make a solution guess, send an email to, and make sure you have either SOLUTION or CLUE in the subject line!

So let’s get this party kicking. Here’s your first puzzle:

ANSWER: 1 word. POINTS: 5



That’s it. Good luck folks. Any questions you have about this new game, direct them to me at, or put them in the comments below. Cheers!


26 thoughts on “New Points-Earning Game at Cutthroat Junction: Bi-Curiosities!

  1. Our good friend Todahshy has successfully solved the puzzle, with the full compliment of five points. Well done, good friend. Excellently played, good friend. Can you loan me ten bucks, good friend?

  2. I guess my question is, what is the point of any of these non main-event games (fun aside) if they don’t help for determining the challenger to the champion? Beau and Free and facing off to see who gets to face Erik, even though Beau has accumulated more points since he earned some in Greeks game too.

    I figured the outright leader after tally points from all a month’s games faced the champ. Or maybe these side games are just that and Spooky didn’t intend for them to count towards that.

  3. So, at close-enough-to-the-end-of-day-one of this puzzle, here’s who earned points:

    5pts: Beau, Todahshy
    4pts: Brooks, Erik Dikken, Will Young, Ryan Sorrell
    2pts: Pete Bruzek

    Did I miss anyone?

  4. I am adding points for uber, Beau, todahshy, dg, kg, Will, adobery, nibs, myself and Novak. On Beau’s, I will add a (+5) next to his total. If he goes to the title match, he’ll keep these points, since he earned them after earning the title match. If he loses to free, he’ll just see the five points added to his running total. Make sense?

    • I also hereby decree that for uber and greek’s games, the opportunity to receive points disappears when the next game by that dude is posted. I also decree that I will be using more words like “decree” now that I’m hard at work on producing Rome as a card game. Ya heard, plebeians.

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