Bullseye: How it Works

Here’s the spreadsheet for Bullseye.

This is the deal: You’ll be emailing me to let you know where you want to begin, which will be on the outer wall. If there are duplicates, then someone will (at random) be placed as close to that spot as possible.

When you’re asked to move – on Tuesday, 9/3 – you can move three spots (give me the coordinates) and you’ll get contender points equal to the number that you step on. If you and someone else move to the same spot on the same move (that is, your second move of three on the day, or whatever), you will be stopped on the move before. If you manage to walk into a spot after it’s been walked on, you’ll fall into a pit and be out of the game. The same applies if you walk into one of the blacked out spots I’ve created, which isn’t likely unless you totally screw up.

You can also move fewer than three times or abstain completely. You’ll figure out why as I put forth the rules.

Each person will also have these single-use powers that will be sent with moves:

Trap. You can turn any spot into a black hole where people can fall. This will be placed before anyone moves on that turn. You cannot place a trap on a space already occupied, and you cannot place one on one of the two 25-point bullseyes. You also cannot play one on the first turn of the game. When the game gets down to five players, anyone who doesn’t have one anymore will be given another.

Lose a Turn. Play this on someone and he will be unable to move. Anything he intended that turn (including powers) will be wiped away. Cannot be used on the first turn of the game.

Switch. Play this to switch with any player. Moves will happen before the switch. If you switch to a player who’s just fallen in a hole, tough shit (but great news for them). Points will only be gained for the spots you step on, not the spot the opponent steps on before the switch.

Order of stuff will be:

Nobody can get fewer than five points for this game, so if you manage fewer, you’ll get five.

If the game reaches two people, both will be given a trap on every single turn. When the game reaches one player, the remaining player will automatically take five steps for the highest point total possible to end the game.

Diagonal moves are allowed.

I’m not accepting opening spots yet, but I will be before long. I’ll let you know. If you have any questions on how this runs, now’s the time.


13 thoughts on “Bullseye: How it Works

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  2. Wow I suck at your games kelly.
    Guaranteed 5 points and I only get one.

    I’ll win something once I get you to make deadlines an hour later.

      • And I got fifth after almost ending up with just one point on day two!
        Here’s to just sending stuff to Spooky and him saying “eh, I’ll allow it.”

        I think I’ll do this week’s survivor challenge and see if I can’t get in on the final five over there!

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