Sticky Post: September’s Bullseye Schedule

CJ Championship

Beau def. kg2005
Match Style: MLB Picks 9/29

September Mega-Game: BULLSEYE

Begins September 2nd
Players: AMR, Beau, daneekasghost, Dread Pirate, Geoff, greekhouse, Grey (last man standing), kg2005, mbnovak, MelissaD (high scorer), nibbish, todahshy, uberminz
Rules are here.
This is the board, updated each night

 BeauZo Match for the Number One Contendership:

Beau defeats freealonzo
September 2nd, or shortly thereafter
Match Style: Best of three Hangman
First Match: EMILY DICKINSON. Winner: free, 1-0
Second Match: URSULA ANDRESS. Winner: Beau, 1-0
Third Match: MEKHI PHIFER. Winner: Beau, 11-5

Four-Way Grudge Match

Dread Pirate vs. Geoff vs. nibbish vs. todahshy
Match Style: Grave Robbers (It’s new.  Best case scenario is that we play live)

I’ll find a time for this when everything else dies down

Greatest vs. Hatedest

mbnovak (10 points) def. daneekasghost (5 points)
Match Style: MLB Picks (Day of 9/3)
Picks are here.

Polite Gentlemen’s Friendly

uberminz def. AMR
Match Style: Scattergories
uberminz 15, AMR 12

POINTS: 10 if you win an “extra” match, 5 if you lose (unless you nonsub, which gets you zero)


51 thoughts on “Sticky Post: September’s Bullseye Schedule

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      • You’ll be eligible. If you reach and lose the title match, the points you gain from this won’t be wiped away. If you fail to reach it, they’ll be added to the total you have now.

        I’ll try to nail down the game soon. Today, if possible.

    • Damn me? Damn me?

      You know what Brooks? I’ve had about enough of you. You think you’re so great, but I know you’re just complete fraud. And I think it’s time I exposed you to people. So you want to know what I’m going to do? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do:

      Right here, in front of all these fans, I’m gonna change one of your picks. I’m gonna reveal you to be the heel you truly are. So today, I’m changing your Minnesota-Houston pick. That’s right, today, in front of all these loyal fans, you’re going to be rooting against the Twins. Because that’s just the kind of guy you really are. And I’m not going to let you hide it anymore.

  2. Posted this on the WGOM too…

    I’m looking for a volunteer (or two) who do not anticipate playing the next game of Spookymilk Survivor to help me test out a new game. If you’re interested, please e-mail me at matthewbnovak at gmail dot com.

  3. uberminz defeats AMR in the polite gentleman’s friendly, 15-12.

    Results are on this spreadsheet. I don’t know what “Rfuck” is, but I gave it to AMR simply because he’d already lost and Google had a few hits. It doesn’t look very official, so if I’d had to dig deeper to break a tie, I’m sure I would have pulled it.

    Now to figure out when the hell we can play Grave Robbers.

    • You’re generous: Rfuck! is a term used in Scattergories when time’s almost out and one can’t think of anything and the letter one had been given was “R”. See also: Afuck!, Bfuck!, Cfuck!, etc…

      I didn’t remember the rules well enough when I did it: it seems only counts for one point? Reading Rainbow’s website is

      And Red River is no longer wireless. It’s now WireFree. Here:

      I’m not trying to overturn results, I just thought I knew better how this worked. Maybe my cousins taught me their house rules or something.

    • Two points should never be awarded for a web address, since its one word.

      But I’d give him Red River, since nothing in the rules says the answer has to be current

      • Thanks for your input.
        If is one point, what if I had said Ronald
        If so, I’d get an extra point for it’d be up to my own incorrect punctuation.

        But should Reading Rainbow count? It’s not a website.
        Or should it be one point because redirects to a “not found” page that links

        I also thought that I couldn’t use the same word more than once. Now I’ve read the rules and I see that the restriction is not use the exact same answer more than once. So one could answer Red River, River Rummy, and Red Rummy for different clues (if they made sense).

        I’ll do better next time, I promise!

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