August Event: ROME: Day Nine

We’re early! That’s cool.

Tomorrow night I’m working again, so it might get late again. Depends on business.


Beau (todahshy)
Dread Pirate (todahshy)
freealonzo (todahshy)
Geoff (Dread Pirate)
nibbish (todahshy)
uberminz (todahshy)
todahshy (Dread Pirate)

And it ends for Mike. Everyone’s vulnerable except for one! Your targets:

Dread Pirate

I can’t right now, but tomorrow I’ll try to cover winning scenarios when I post.


7 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Day Nine

  1. We could smoke out Geoff tomorrow if we wanted to. It would be risky. Especially for me since Geoff has indicated a willingness to vote me out.

  2. The five of us could all vote for ourselves. Then Geoff would have to put the kill vote on someone. He would be the only one vulnerable the next round and thus eliminated.

    Now of course this is practically a death wish for me because Geoff has said he’d eliminate me if he had a chance. Maybe I could get Spooky to grant me 5 extra points for self-sacrifice.

  3. Disappointed no one wanted to talk about strategy to smoke out Geoff. Maybe i’ll try tomorrow. Unless I hear otherwise, I will not be voting for myself tonight.

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