August Event: ROME: Day Eight

Quickly…still at work.

Beau (todahshy)
daneekasghost (todahshy)
Dread Pirate (daneekasghost)
freealonzo (Geoff)
Geoff (freealonzo)
nibbish (freealonzo)
todahshy (daneekasghost)
uberminz (Geoff)

Whoa, dudes. Four way tie.

The first one to get two votes was DG, and both of the people voting for him were in power. Farewell, Brooks.

We now have just TWO people vulnerable:

Dread Pirate

No pressure, guys.


17 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Day Eight

  1. Wow. This is my 4th straight time eligible for the kill. Even if I somehow survived to another day I would be eligible a 5th time in a row guaranteed. I’m pretty sure I suck at this game.

  2. Well that’s just silly. Guess I shouldn’t have put my DG vote in so early (unless I was the second person with two).

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