August Event: ROME: Day Seven

Someone got pretty well steamrolled this time, gents.

Beau (freealonzo)
daneekasghost (bhiggum)
Dread Pirate (bhiggum)
freealonzo (bhiggum)
Geoff (bhiggum)
nibbish (Dread Pirate)
todahshy (bhiggum)
uberminz (freealonzo)
bhiggum (nibbish)

bhiggum dying…always a beautiful thing. In Werewolf, anyway.

We’re in the top half, guys! Well, you can’t make half of seventeen guys unless you cut someone in half, actually, but…you know. So, anyway, here are your five targets. Also, let’s cut Novak in half.

Dread Pirate

Tomorrow I close at the ol’ store, so there’s a real chance that results will be very late. Hopefully I can sneak in, but on a Friday night I can’t promise much.


33 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Day Seven

    • Oh, I get it. It’s because I’m figuratively a giant. A legend. One of the deities descendant from Olympus. I am an Olympian.

      In fact, that might be my name here. The Olympian.

  1. I’m debating whether to vote for myself to scare away those who want to avoid being vulnerable next time, or to try and recruit a group of four to control who goes home for a couple rounds.

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