Greekhouse Challenge: Answer Goes Here

Here is the link to greekhouse’s first challenge.

It’s fun. It’s also giving me headaches. I’m nearly through it, I think, but I’m not certain, I guess.

I’m giving greekhouse ten points for the creation of this. Also, ten points to whomever solves it first (email him). Five points to anyone who solves it after that.

If I solve it first, I’ll get five points while the next person gets ten, since I had the benefit of trying for a while for the purposes of game-testing.

The Erik vs. Neil final challenge (a Quiz Show) is tonight. I’ll put up a link to that later. In the meantime, assassinate someone, Romans.

…and no, you don’t get any rules or handbook for the greekhouse thing.


92 thoughts on “Greekhouse Challenge: Answer Goes Here

  1. As far as a name, I think just “Chateau” is about right.

    (Disclaimer: this is not an intentional hint, just the name of the WordPress theme of the page and the feeling of navigating from room to room, blindly)

  2. Daneeka’s Ghost is the first to finish and gets 20 points.

    I also did, and I get ten. Would it help if we told you that #5 is the hardest one?

  3. Too bad I was late to the party. Great fun though. Thanks greekhouse! #4 hung me up the longest…too bad I didn’t try the first thing that popped into my head. I was starting to think notpron was for kindergartners. #5 was a breeze.

    Kelly should at least try to hide his favoritism towards Brooks a tad…

    Also, ten points to whomever solves it first

    Daneeka’s Ghost is the first to finish and gets 20 points.


  4. I rather like this “trade a hint for a point” idea.

    Email me, let me know how far you’ve gotten with it and I’ll go from there.

  5. I got number five!!!! I thought it was hinted fairly well, but I agree with kg that some people may never get it. I’m more angry at Greek for #4

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