August Event: ROME: Day Four

Everyone received at least one vote. Hey, that’s neat.

AMR (freealonzo)
Beau (todahshy)
bhiggum (MelissaD)
daneekasghost (Beau)
Dread Pirate (nibbish)
freealonzo (Dread Pirate)
Geoff (AMR)
greekhouse (MelissaD)
nibbish (MelissaD)
Rhubarb_Runner (AMR)
todahshy (bhiggum)
uberminz (MelissaD)
MelissaD (greekhouse)

So, there goes the only female we had. Way to go, sausages.

Vote for one of these idiots by tomorrow night at 9pm Central:


Remember, first tiebreaker is “votes by people in power.” So, if two guys get five votes and bhiggum/greek vote for one and uber votes for the other (while nibs votes for neither), the one bhiggs and greek voted for will die. Okay then? Okay. Keep being interesting, people.


23 thoughts on “August Event: ROME: Day Four

  1. Very interesting – only 1 of the 4 safe end up on the target list. Will the Novak group stick together and vote out that 1 or how will we see votes split?

    AMR – no harm meant – I had to choose 1 of 9 – and I actually thought that people would avoid voting you being the first in alphabetical order. Whether my logic was correct or not – I survived another day.

    • I almost voted AMR for the same logic, but thought others might go with that logic. So I went with todashy, because his name is hard to remember how to spell so I figure that would put people off from voting for him.

    • It’s cool. I’ve had my anniversary weekend and since been busy getting things ready for some really big potential Japanese client, so I haven’t been around much lately.

      Maybe after Thursday if I can make it that far… If we’re both still around I can stab you good then.

  2. So I’ll throw this out there. Does it make sense to concentrate our vote on one person so that tomorrow the vote can be spread out among many (8-10) or do we just go random again meaning that tomorrow’s vote will probably be on 3-5 people? Both strategies have pros and cons. I kind of lean toward concentrating on one person today and taking my chances in a large group tomorrow but I’m not wedded to any particular strategy.

    • I really like the idea of targeting one person – so I can pick a different person which I believe is my only strategy to stay alive – like the guy in survivor that has to win every immunity idol to stay in the game. But maybe Beau is right – if I make myself a big enough target people may avoid me for that. I think that strategy comes better into play once the group is down to about 8 or less though so I would like to have 3 or 4 more days of avoiding the target list.

  3. So some think Geoff might be talking in code. That may be. I have another theory.

    Geoff is usually a big target based on his general skill and wily nature. So he may be being purposefully obtuse and a bit obnoxious to draw attention to himself. When he does wind up in the majority, people may be afraid to vote him off because they think everyone else will want to vote him off too.

  4. All of a sudden I feel like there’s no way I’m making it to tomorrow. Posting that other challenge probably isn’t going to help, that’ll just make some of you hate me even more. Except Brooks, he probably likes me, now.

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