Rome: Game Setup and Rules

Guys, I’m thinking about starting Rome today, perhaps even marking tonight as the first deadline.

Play works this way:

On the first day, everyone votes someone out. You’ll do that part via email, but I’m willing to do discussion in an open forum (you know, like it was in Rome). Nobody’s commented on that yet.

The first guy to die will get 5 contender points.

On day two, everyone who voted for the victim will be up for elimination, and like on every day, everyone votes. So, the trick to getting farther is to either avoid voting for the victim, or have an idea in place if you do.

Everyone who’s eliminated after the first one will get their five participation points, plus five for everyone he outlasts. The final two will advance to the September event, where they’ll face off in a one-on-one and the winner will immediately face the champion (either Erik or Neil). The person who loses the preliminary match will drop to 20 points, which is a drop but not all the way. The person who challenges for the championship will lose all his points, win or lose.

I have, though, decided to allow the champion to play games and build up points for when he inevitably loses his title. Erik is playing this, so it’ll come into play if he wins.

If you want to play, now’s the time to let me know. I’m still considering a deadline tonight, if everyone’s cool with that. I’ll be sure one way or another by noon Central.

I’ve decided to lock the roster at 6pm Central today. At that time I’ll put up the first post, where you can talk all you want, although votes all come to me via email. I’ll run it like Survivor…you can change votes if you want, but once all votes are in, your vote is locked. Also, people who miss votes will be assassinated and will not get additional points on top of what they’ve already earned in the challenge.

Dread Pirate
kg2005 (if he doesn’t win the championship)


17 thoughts on “Rome: Game Setup and Rules

  1. The idea that the challenger to the title would lose all their points but the prelim guy and titleholder wouldn’t seems… non-equitable.

    Also, Rome should totally be in a public forum.

    • What I’m trying to avoid is having the same guy be the challenger month after month.

      As for the voting mechanism, that would still be private.

      • I get that you don’t want the same challenger over and over, but maybe back down to slightly below the mean makes sense? Meh, whatever. We’ll figure it out as we go, right?

      • I like this idea. You work for you chance to win the title, once you get that chance you better take advantage of it or you’ll have to work for it again.

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