Cutthroat Junction Begins

Hi there.  I’m Kelly “spookymilk” Wells and I’ve been running a site called “Casa de Leche” for the past few years, where players take each other on in large, elimination-based games.  As kind of an experiment to play short but potentially complex games and keep a running scoreboard for contenders and champions, I created this site.

Over at the CdL I ran a tournament with 64 of my regulars, intending for the winner to be named on the sidebar.  I decided in addition that the winner of the tournament – which is now down to the final four – will be the first-ever Cutthroat Junction Champion.

At this site, each month, the CJ Champion will defend against the top contender.  The top contender will be decided in a monthly mega-game that can be entered by anyone.  Each person’s performance in the monthly games will be assigned a number of points, and after each monthly event, the person with the most points will be given a Championship match the next month.  The loser of this match will either go down to zero or down to the mean or median number of points of the whole field.

The August challenge will be Rome.  This is a game where on the first day, everyone votes to eliminate someone.  On day two, the only people that can be voted out are the ones that helped vote out the first victim.  When the challenge is down to two people, they will be declared co-winners of the Rome challenge.  In September, at the mega-event, the two winners will face each other in a one-on-one and the winner will face the tournament champion.

I think I’ve essentially described the way the site will work.  Have fun, everyone.  A score table will arrive on the sidebar soon enough, as will a permanent link to the entire list of contenders.

If you want to join the game, say so here.

For Rome so far:

Dread Pirate
kg2005 (if he doesn’t win the championship)


38 thoughts on “Cutthroat Junction Begins

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    • Sorry. Once per person is necessary, apparently.

      And yes, it would be hilarious if Brooks won everything here, too.

      • Of course, when this site goes main stream to millions of users we can forget all about the Casa De Leche and Brooks’ silly wins over there.

        • Your comment will be the only evidence that there ever was a “Brooks”.

          I can live with becoming an urban legend.

  2. “Ooh yeeeaaah!” [/macho]
    I think one idea that would make this that much better (or more confusing) would be to have new wrestling-style names. Like a separate wrestling persona. I’m already thinking about it (might go back to one from my Cyberslam days), so even if everyone else thinks it’s a dumb idea, I’m still suiting up.

  3. I would play, but I really don’t like internet strategy games that only offer fame in a small corner of the internet as a reward.

  4. Guys, this site is also a perfect recruiting tool. Get ’em hooked here, if you have friends that might like the simplicity and pace of this place. Then they become junkies. Mmhm.

  5. I can only assume this will be as awesome as the Rome themed werewolf. I’m in.

    Also, can we do something about these comments so they’re not quite so spread out?

  6. There’s a new post, guys. Time to start subscribing to the blog, probably.

    Any interest in playing Rome on the message board, or should I just keep it hidden? The idea would be that conversation would happen here, though votes would be sent to me via email (unchangeable votes, and can be sent at any time before the deadline). After votes are in I’ll make a new post, showing who voted where, give you possible targets, and set the next deadline.

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